french co grocer

a general store in marathon, texas

we have baby bottles of tabasco
5 different kinds of canned beans
an espresso bar
burgers on friday nights
gospel brunch on 2nd sundays
camping gear
bless our hearts

grocery and prepared foods

Our prepared foods are what set us apart. We create delicious and satisfying made-in-house foods you can take with you every single day. We serve breakfast and lunch burritos 7 days a week, as well as sandwiches, hummus, chicken salad, egg salad, and much more. Everything in our prepared foods selection is made from scratch and we're more than happy to share our recipes!

general merchandise

For a town of less than 400, we have a pretty Brobdingnagian selection of goods. From tofu to nalgene bottles, espresso, ice chests, ginger juice, citrus, deli goods, homemade hummus and cookies, NRS straps, dry bags, blankets, and much more. When it comes to outdoor/rec gear, we refuse to sell junk. If you buy from us, it will almost always be a best-in-class product. Come see for yourself. We do our best.

events and catering

We love hosting events, and, upon request, we can bring the party to you. Not only do we love it, but we think we're pretty good at it too. Want us to setup an espresso bar 20 miles from the nearest paved road? Cordon Blue for 40 people on the bank of the Rio Grande? We can figure it out. (But we'll need some heads up.) Contact us!

catering on-site at the store

We also book live music shows in our backyard venue. Please hit us up if you are musical artist (or any kind of artist) who would like to book a show with us!


We are real humans and we love talking to other real humans.
If you're coming way out here, you might as well get what you need.
Can't hurt to ask, right?