About French Co. Grocer

marathon texas groceryThe French Co. Grocer opened in 2006, revamping the existing grocery store that had been in operation for 25 years. Since 1980 there has been a grocery store in this location! It is named after Lucille French's grocery store that operated in Marathon from 1900 to 1972. Old locals used to call it French's.

It is the local "general" store. A little bit of everything. We have an awesome deli with ready to eat homemade foods, coffee, the most awesome cinnamon rolls in the morning, croissants, etc. We also have staple foods, natural foods, produce, meat and fish, wine and beer, hardware, toys, gift items, artisan made wares, camping stuff, t-shirts, local memorabilia, local characters hanging about, local news and directions, all tourists! It seems to be the place where all paths cross here in Marathon (a town of less than 500 people).

We also carry James H. Evans photography books and the Desert Critter Wear line!

James is my husband and I first heard stories of Lucille French from him. She was his landlord when he first moved here in 1988. The gallery space he rented from her was where her father opened the first W.M. French General Merchandise in 1900. See the photograph on the Photographs page.